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What you should know about selling your beer cans on the internet

1) There are two types of beer can buyers: collectors & dealers.
Dealers have high operating costs and sell beer cans for a living. Most collectors have small bank accounts and collect beer cans as a hobby. We are a combination of both and we have the capital to buy and sell beer cans to support our habit = collecting beer cans.

2) All internet beer can collectors/dealers know each other.
We're often in contact with each other. Many sellers try to "play the field" to get a higher price for their cans. We are aware of this and many times collectors/dealers work together to keep the prices down. WE DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN COLLUSION OFFERS.

3) Some collectors/dealers make less than fair offers.
You may be selling your beer cans too cheap if you receive what seems to be a low ball offer or are being pressured to sell you cans. Be sure to take your time when selling your cans and get a few offers. We'd be happy to make an offer and even give you the names and web sites of others. Just ask anyone else if they'll do the same.

4) There is a beer can price guide used by all collectors/dealers.
The book is the United States Beer Cans Vol. 1 and it is the only comprehensive price guide used in the hobby. Although a little outdated it is a great reference. Prices should be almost doubled for many current values of PRISTINE CANS. We'd be happy to show you your cans value in the book.

5) The best way to sell your cans is in person.
Most internet collectors/dealers complete the sale through the mail, often sending checks and leaving you the work of packing and shipping the cans. Be sure to ask your potential buyer how they intend to pay and what you'll have to do to complete the sale. We prefer to meet the seller in person with cash, that leaves nothing to chance.

6) eBay is not a good reference for beer can prices.
Due to recent economic conditions beer can values on eBay have been very erratic (and low). Often the same can will sell in a very wide price range in different auctions. If you use eBay to price your cans be sure to look at completed auctions only and spread them out of a long period of time. Right now ebay is a buyer's market. We buy on there, but only sell here on our site and at local beer shows.

7) Not all beer can collectors & dealers are the same.
Everyone has their specialty. If you have a very large and unique beer can collection it should be handled by an established dealer. Beer cans specific to one area or state should be handled by a collector familiar with that area. Be sure to be patient and find your cans a good home. Of course, we'd love to give them a home on our shelves.

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