post IRTP Flat Top Beer Cans

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After 1950 beer cans were no longer required to display the
Internal Revenue Tax Paid (IRTP) statement.

The flat top beer cans produced during the 1950's and 1960's became more generic in style. The graphic labels of the past decades had disappeared. Breweries no longer had elaborate label designs.

The cans themselves were made of thinner metal and the tops were much easier to open with a can opener. Generally a much smaller can opener was used and cans from this era have a distinct pair of small openings.

The national brands such as: Budweiser, Miller, Pabst and others were now abundant and taking over the market. Flat top beer cans continued to be produced through the late 1960's, but they were a distant relative of the first flat top beer cans produced in 1935.