Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy beer cans?

Yes, we will buy quality flat top and cone top beer cans. Sorry, we do not purchase pull tab beer cans.

How do you purchase my beer can(s)?

Your beer can(s) will either be purchased in person or via mail. Each individual case varies.

What beer cans are worth the most?

Clean flat top and cone top beer cans are the most valuable. There are many different cans that have high values. The most valuable cans tend to be those from the 1930's and early 1940's.

What choices do I have to sell my cans?

No one will offer you more choices to sell your beer can(s):
1) We will purchase your can(s) directly. 100% cash paid
2) Your can(s) may be placed on consignment. 20 to 30% fee
3) We can broker your can(s) to other collectors. 10 to 20% fee

What are the major types of beer cans?

There are (3) major TYPES of beer cans:
1) Flat Tops - required a can opener (1935 to late 1960's)
2) Cone Tops - pointed top with cap (1937 to 1960)
3) Pull Tabs - opened with a tab connected to a ring (1960's to 1980's)

Are there places on the internet to find the values of beer cans?

No, not really. There are dealer sites that sell cans, but the prices tend to be inflated, so they are not good indicators of realistic prices. The largest online beer can reference is . The best way to find the value of any beer can to seek an expert.

Why should I consider selling my beer cans to you?

We are dedicated beer can collectors that have been in the hobby since 1978. We are not dealers. Our offers and evaluations are always fair and honest. There are many internet beer can buyers that make low offers, hoping you'll sell your beer cans cheap. We guarantee you'll be happy with our first offer and we'll do everything to make your selling experience both enjoyable and profitable.

We enjoy this hobby and represent it with integrity. If you like our site you'll love our offers.