J Spout Cone Top Beer Cans

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The J Spout cone top was the second cone top design to be marketed. It was produced by the Crown Cork & Seal Company. They originally sold crowns (bottles caps) and decided to enter the beer can market with this cone top design in 1937.

This distinct cone top featured a protruding spout and was designed to resemble the neck of a beer bottle. Maybe the Crown Cork & Seal Company hoped this design would win over beer drinkers that were loyal to bottled beer.

A smaller number of breweries chose this cone top design to represent their beer than either the low profile or high profile design. Many of the breweries that filled J Spout cone tops never produced another type of cone top. The beginning of World War II was the end of the J Spout cone top.

Some of the scarcest and most desirable cone tops are J Spouts.

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