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The Internal Revenue Tax Paid (IRTP) statement was required on all beer cans from 1935 to 1950. There were many variations of the statement.

flat top beer can

The U Permit on the top right was the earliest form of the IRTP statement. It was only required in 1935, but did appear on some later cans.

The most common IRTP statement can bee seen on the middle right example. This statement appeared from 1935 through the early 1950's.

flat top beer can

The most unique IRTP statement was the Withdrawn Free Of Internal Revenue Tax For Exportation. This phrase signified beer cans destined for U.S. military installations.

In general the IRTP beer cans of the 1940's began to have more basic label designs than the earlier instructional beer cans of the 1940's. The label designs became less appealing and words like "BEER" and "ALE" began to decrease in size.